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Services Offered

DESIGN ASSISTANCE. MV RAM helps from development to complete design layout of any particular food service and laundry facility. This includes preparation of equipment floor layout, mechanical and electrical utility requirements, concrete machines foundation, exhaust, ductworks and other related drawings as required for complete machine installations.


INSTALLATION. Factory-trained technical personnel’s are available to provide services as uncrating, hauling and setting in place, leveling , making final connections and calibration of supplies equipment.

START-UP, DEMONSTRATION AND TRAINING. Support is provided in the complete equipment start-up, machine operation demonstration and hands-on training including comprehensive instructions on the proper use and care of individual equipment.


SPECIAL TRAINING FOR LAUDNRY OPERATION. Assistance, as arranged with the customer, is provided in a comprehensive training on Laundry and Dry Cleaning Process involving theoretical and hands-on methodology.


PARTS WARRANTY. MV RAM provides full-service equipment warranty on parts and workmanship.


PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. MV RAM service begins with Preventive and Corrective Service, a program that is second to none in the industry. After installing your machine, MV RAM arranges for a trained service technicians to come to your facility to check all connections, start-up the machine and run it through a series of tests, ensuring that your machine operates at optimum levels from the very first pass. MV RAM supplies equipment can be serviced using internationally available electrical components, universal plumbing and generic parts. All are ready available and can be quickly installed.

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